Headlight Restoration

In Arizona, we get sun year round, which is great for retirement but can cause headlights to break down from the sun’s UV rays. This constant exposure to the sun will cause headlights to become cloudy, hazy or yellow. This is dangerous, as light output greatly diminishes dramatically minimizing your visibility at night.

*Our exclusive Headlight Restoration Service restore the headlights luster and clarity which avoids having to replace the full headlight assembly. Lights are restored to factory finish. *Some lights are beyond repair.


Headlight/Taillight Tinting

Our light wrap film are the perfect preventative solution for keeping the lights on your vehicle looking brand new for years to come. Protect your headlights and taillights with a fresh, personalized, stylish look while protecting your lights from sun damage and road damage.

Make your vehicle unique and stand out from the crowd, with tinted headlights or taillights. You can style your headlights or taillights in one of our many shades and colors available! We can customize your headlights, tail lights, fog lights, side markers and more!

*We recommend adding a clear layer of protection to preserve lights or add some style with tinted or color lights on your vehicle and keep them looking new for years to come.


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