Window Regulators

Window Regulator Repair and Replacement

When your windows start having problems due to use over the life of the vehicle, Safety Glass offers both Window Regulator Repairs and Replacements. Some symptoms include: the windows will not go up or down, close properly, or stick on the way up or down. Other symptoms might include a clicking, chattering, or grinding noise when the window moves. A damaged window regulator could cause the window to drop inside the door and break.

  • A window regulator is composed of two components: a motor and a regulator. These components when replaced typically require you to deal with the removal of your door panels, and possible removal of rivets or other components. A window regulator assembly is usually complicated and can require specialized tools and a lot of patience, work best left to a professional.

If your window is starting to slow down it’s often better to take care of it soon as possible. Sometimes the window mechanisms will stop working entirely without the window being fully shut. If your window is going up or down slowly, stops or needs several button presses to close, chances are your regulator is wearing out. If the window doesn’t close evenly or you hear grinding noises inside your door, that mechanism needs repair or replacement.

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